Finnish Music Primer! OR "Finland Isn't Scandinavian" Thus Subtitled "Blow Me"

so we continue. IF YOU STARE INTO THE ABYSS, it will become you! so watch out. 

I want to go here.

Finnish music isn't really my bag because a lot of the time they don't even bother singing in English and I'm fickle like that. also, a lot of it is metal (see Al and AWM).

But I love Finland because it has been OK to me. Sweden has been all right to me, too, but it's been a hard love affair. Moldova, however, sucks. 

So what to say about Finnish music?

Well, Husky Rescue was the first Finnish band I ever listened to and liked. A very relaxing little band. I haven't listened to them much lately, but take a listen:

There is also Scandinavian Music Group. Hurr:  


also, why do Finns love the Sounds so much? O_o

I mean, all their similar artists on are indeed Finnish. whatever. let's keep rolling rolling rolling like I'm Fred Durst and you're Wes Borland and it's 1999. yeah!

On Volcano is a lesser-known post-rock group worth checking out. A lot of their stuff is free on the interwebs. 

Anna Puu is just adorable.

my favorite though has to be Satellite Stories, who we interviewed a while ago. I love those boys.

ALSO:  Nokia is a Finnish company. believe it or not!

coming up:  last but not least ICELANDDDDD


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