Clann Zu: Rua Album Review...Thank You AWM

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In recent times, I have had the fortune of receiving an enormous amount of new music thanks to AWM, and this is the first of several album reviews.

The first stab goes toward the album Rua from Clann Zu.

For starters, I had not been familiar with these guys at all. It's too bad because they play a style that normally stands out to me. My windows media player lists their genre as rock, but I would go a little further and say they are folk metal. Rock is definitely an understatement. From some of the info provided, I learned they are an Australian-Irish sound, and this album is overall very fun to listen to.

The best track is certainly "Words for Snow," which is the first on the list.

The lyrics are bold. The music is strong, and the instrumentals are dramatic, a quality I adore. I am hooked on this song. Pretty Sexy.

As the tracks go down the list, some of them really do not capture the engaging effect...meaning it seemed very easy to space out and lose attention. Even on some tracks, the folk instrumentals left a little zoning out.
If you are interested in Irish or Australian music at all, chances are you will like this album.

* 7.8 Stars / 10 *

Who is your favourite Irish Australian?
Ned Kelly?
Mine is Ned Kelly.


  1. If you're going to do reviews I'll have to send you a bunch more!

  2. no complaints.sounds good.
    Du kannst senden


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