Arguably, the best interview ever! (JJ)


JJ is a band from Sweden that have worked with Ne-Yo in the past. I guess they'd meet the criteria of being called "dreampop."

This is a slightly outdated Scandinavian week post, BTW.

Anyway, I emailed them with several (rather stupid) questions. The responses? CLASSIC.

enjoy, what is probably the best interview I have ever done. Thanks, JJ! 

How are you guys doing? How is Sweden?

e - It's raining today, trying to make the pain go away. I feel life. This is life. Heartbreaking.
So much love, sometimes too much love for my human heart to handle.
I feel that I really fucked everything up today. I'm angry over all my mistakes.
But no time for regrets.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars,
The deeper the grief, the closer is God!”

I have problems respecting myself. Takes time to feel all sorrow,
to understand how and why mankind told my brain to feel something
that was so far away from my heart.
I pay respect to life. I love life!

I don't know shit about Sweden, just a name. Burn all flags and get real. 

Any big plans for the year?

e - It's 2012, if someone doesn't expect something big from this year should stop and breath for a sec...
We're going to finish our record V, and release our single n°4, it's a bigger plan than big bang in my head.
So yes, big plans for me baby!   

How do you pick who to collaborate with? (as you've worked with NE-YO among others in the past)

e - I don't know who "picked" who with the collab. with mr NE-YO. I guess things are just meant to be. 

Who do you dream of collaborating with?

e - oh... So many that my head starts to burn when I think about that. To make music with inspiring spirits is a big part of my dream.   

Do you think the world will end this year? 

Earth is giving birth.
There's no end. Sometimes I get angry over that. Sometimes I just want it all to end.
That is why we have to respect and take responsibility for what we do and think. So fucking hard. 


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