Top 10 Hottest Unknowns of 2011: #2 Brenda Lynn Acevedo

The countdown has hit number two, but I will go out on a limb with this one. I am going to declare that model Brenda Lynn Acevedo has the most sexual look of anyone on the countdown.

She captures the truest meaning of the term "Hottest Unknown." During the last several years, Brenda has had photo shoots, hip hop video acting, and general media spreading around through the internet. As 2011 approached there were a major rising in her popularity on sites such as tumblr, wallpapers, and ones that promote provocative glam modeling.

Her look is ultra feminine, and I guess I kind of want to say "to hell with false modesty."

Now the who the hell is going to be number one?

PS: She also has her face on a skateboard. Strangely enough, the last person on the countdown also had their face on a board. Coincidence?