Top 10 Hottest Unknowns of 2011: #8 Abby Huntsman

The list moves onward, upward and onward. Now it's up to number 8 on the countdown of hottest unknown and under-regonized individuals of 2011. With all the attention that fell upon them in late 2011, it's only fair that a spot goes to one of presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's daughters. The hottest of which is by far, Abby Huntsman (Seen above without defamation).

Along with her sisters, she made television appearances supporting the Jon Huntsman GOP campaign, but the real base of her popularity comes from the social media world, such as performing in a bizarre video mocking the Herman Cain campaign ads and growing as a Twitter socialite.

With the recent rise in internet and social media popularity, Abby Huntsman is becoming more well-known; however...
Would you have been able to name her just looking at the photo?

In more tragic news...yes, Abby Huntsman is married. I think her name now might be Abby Huntsman Livingston (so says my Google Bastards App). Although, it is perfectly logical for the hottest one to be married first...what options does that leave for the rest of the seeking population?

I'll settle for it. I have a feeling you will too.


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