Top 10 Hottest Unknowns of 2011: #6 Yuliana

The countdown is moving along, and we are climbing both up and down the list.
Number six goes to Yuliana who makes the news in some rather surprising ways.

I'm going to go ahead and call her a........model....even though some of her work at is slightly more....meatier!

Yuliana is often referred to as Julie because apparently it is easier to say. That last sentence was the most obvious thing I have ever written, so now I will move to some less obvious things about Yuliana.

She is the woman with 2 million ethnic backgrounds combined into one, and just by looking at her, it can be quite difficult to guess her ethnic heritage. Therefore, so many of those internet scammers have stolen her "modeling" photos and posted them on fake profiles on the internet. Yuliana's photoshoots are often in tropical areas, so they can pass them off as their own countries.

Most of the scammers go for simple and subtle photos of her to start off with, I actually had the pleasure of first seeing Yuliana when someone named started sending me emails asking for foodstock money.

Yuliana has a smooth and exotic look, one of the most exotic in the world, hence the scamming adoration. However, her vlogs on youtube are entertaining too where she just gives some inside look as to what it feels like for 1 million Africans to be using her photos online.

What ethnicity is the hottest in your mind?


  1. This "lady"
    is pure scam
    his men cheat
    are asking for money
    for passport, visa etc.
    watch out for her!


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