a sort of Christmas interview (with "21st century alt pop")

Summer Camp is a very cool duo of a boy and a girl (English indie pop stars Jeremy Warmsley and cool, almost Saint Etienne-voiced Elizabeth Hartney) that seems popular this time of year especially, due to their abundance of Christmas songs. I think a lot of people shy away from making holiday music, especially those folks in the indieverse. Not these guys! They welcome it and do a mighty fine job of it, too.

So, as procedure, I tried to get to interview them and lo and behold, they were fast responders. Thus, my interview with a band you should be listening to, ESPECIALLY if you want to be cool with your Christmas music, Summer Camp!

How did you guys join forces originally?
Summer Camp:  In October 2009, Elizabeth gave Jeremy a mix-tape which included the song "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos. They thought it might be fun to record a cover version - Jeremy had his own studio, although Elizabeth had never sung before. We  recorded it and put it online as a fake band, pretending to be seven Swedish teens. Much to our surprise & delight, Transparent & Gorilla vs Bear blogs
immediately posted about it. We started writing songs and playing gigs and here we are now.

That is an awesome idea. Everyone should pretend to be a Swedish teenager at least once.

What's the theme behind "Summer Camp?"
Summer Camp:  Just us singing and playing our instruments really.

What was the biggest moment for your duo in 2011?
Summer Camp:  Our UK tour in November was amazing - it was so exciting to play the
songs from our album to people who knew them and were excited to hear them. We were so pleased. We also got to play a couple of big shows - Wireless supporting Pulp and Brixton Academy supporting Vaccines - that were a lot of fun.  And just getting to release an album was a thrill.

You seem very popular in the blogosphere with your Christmas songs. A lot of bands- at least on the indie level- tend to shy away from doing these, yet you seem to embrace them! Where does that stem from?
Summer Camp:  We just love Christmas and Christmas songs!

What's on the table for 2012?
Summer Camp:  Lots - we are already writing and recording for more upcoming releases, we have US and European tours in the works and are very excited about everything!

What's one surprising thing about your band?
Summer Camp:  Elizabeth is actually a boy and Jeremy is actually a girl.