Miley Cyrus: The Bizarre Sunglasses

This might not be new, but neither is most of the cheese you eat (fact). I was rather surprised when I learned Miley Cyrus was wearing the RayBan 3428 Nontraditional Aviators. At first look they appear bulky, and they don't hesitate to show off the thick black layers of plastic.

The bar on the top serves no purpose in terms of how the glasses function. However, other brands such as Prada and Ralph are pushing that as a trend as well.

To be 100% honest, I think she looks better in the glasses than I would have imagined. It's surprising because (not to reiterate but) the glasses are just so damn bulky. Although, I heard from someone that this is a new quick-to-catch-on trend in Europe. Is this really true?

Anyway, Miley's sunglasses might seem bizarre, but she looks better in them than this asshole.

Seriously Better!

QATFYG: this a new trend in your country in Europe?
NonEuropeans...what are your favorite designs of sunglasses?


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