why: it's like a glorified 1980s ballad. forget all the showmanship- there's something very authentic to this song. I think it really proves her as a musician, which is easy to lose sight of in all that bombast.  

I love the beginning of this. it's very funky. Little Dragon, they are growing on me so fast. so hot and so Swedish. ughngngngn LISTEN

feels so old-fashioned and so quaint. are these two huge stoners or what? probably. keep your eye peeled to these NYU kids...your one, big, eye. 

no I don't care if it came out in 2010. I love it. NANANA COME ON

upbeat and catchy, here we see Ben Gibbard and co in a good mood. post-Zooey....very despondent album to follow? blah blah blah I'm not listening. NANANA COME ON 

White Lies' biggest detraction is that they are too much like their postpunk forefathers to be specifically memorable or unique. however, that being said, they are not a bad band. just can't listen to them too much. NANANA COME ON

this was my first big track of 2011. it was just- very addictive and dancey. Cut Copy, when they succeed, TRULY succeed. go above and beyond. are as infectious as an STD, word.

Uffie covers....someone.

PJ Harvey released her best album in some time in 2011. Kudos, PJ, kudos.

I'm not sure of anything else of hers, but hell! If this didn't dig its way into my brain before I went missing. lo-lo-lo what?

I fucking love Gaga. do something.

creepy and detached and spacey, aka Annie doing what she does best. then it gets weird and dancey!

pure dancerock. I love these white English boys...they can't dance worth shit. see them live for proof.

when this came crawling around, I was like "pssh Feist I'm so over her." Then she wowed me with her talent, once again. No one does acoustic sort-of-folk like Miss Feist and no one can captivate a crowd like her, either!


could care LESS if this came out last year. listen to it and get chills.

so there have been a lot of things said about the Strokes much-hoopla'd come back. blah blah blah. this is a good track and you can't deny it. paranoid and fast-paced.

I am so happy she exists. :) a young Bjork meets Europop and BERERKERKEK great things happening. Oh Land is only going to get better. this song? pure joy!

when I never get sick of a song, that means a lot. this song I always used to lift my mood. It still works. The most talented band of 2011 = these boys. Stephen Foster can write a song!

this song is pure bliss. THE END

the best movie? FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Or Bridesmaids. Or Melancholia JK JK JK