And now, an observation.



I first noticed these hats- all the rage of 2011, ESPECIALLY among the pre-puberty set- on one of my regular jaunts around New York City. and I mean jaunts, because really, I walked an awful lot. and I was like "oh cute! la la la!" 

Cue the next 20000 times I ran into these hats, mostly worn by small girls in large groups...or Azns.

When they made an appearance in good ol' Erie PA, I knew it was a problem.

Naturally, I did the thing I do best and asked my mom if they were complimentary to my rather strange-shaped head (they named me biggest head in eighth grade, and also someone accidentally put me down as cutest, and a group of boys burst into a fit of laughter and I haven't been the same since). she said something to the effect of "those are meant for children Brittany."

Flash forward to YESTERDAY (time is not linear here!) when Ursula and I were walking about Chicago...lo and behold, I counted two adults wearing these hats. TWO ADULTS. Did these people not get the memo? Are they totally out of the loop? Or do they enjoy stealing from children and the less fortunate amongst us?

Furthermore- when will this trend end? Because it's gone from cute to stupid FAST.

seriously, I don't think these mascots that were murdered appreciate being worn as some sort of "battle trophies," kids.


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