African Pick Up Lines: WuMaame Challenge

After catching this video from WuMaame TV, and seeing their set of African Pick Up Lines, The UC is going to challenge them to see if we can outdo them. Why? Because there is a lot of Africa to go around.

WuMaame TV’s lines are pretty good such as

“Be my first wife.”


“Is your father a terrorist? Cos your body is da bomb.”

The UC African Pick Up Lines:

You’re so hot, you make the Kalahari look like a kindergarten sandbox.

Hope you like it rough cos am gonna be da Lion, and you gonna be da Wildebeest.

I will ride you like a gorilla trying to hump a camel….dats right Insane!

Afterwards, I’ll buy you the goat you wanted.

You’re so hot, you make the jungle look like a white man’s golf course.

You can call me Nile, cos this is longest one you’ll ever see.

If you come back to my place, I’ll feed you….hope you like meat.

Waka Waka Hey Hey, it’s time for something big to go into Africa.

I know you’re a scammer, but I’d still be up for phone sex.

American Passport! (nuff said)

Tribute to Ghana
come if u want to be one of my boyz i can feed you and dash u my fucking corolla

Akwaaba Ghana!
Ete San Sakawa?

What does it mean to dash someone’s fucking corolla?

WuMaame TV has some great videos, and you can find them on youtube.
You can also visit the website