"Walk In The Park"- Beach House

In a matter of time, it would slip from my mind.

Time heals most wounds. MOST. Some we still carry for quite a long time. I think all of us have ample evidence to that claim. I mean, up until this year, I was so haunted by the past that I'd have daily flare-ups of brutal anxiety over things from years ago! But now everything is happening so fast I have no time for that and my anxiety is waitlisted for the present. OH, IF ONLY YOU KNEW, READER. 

then there's the disintegration of other things. "you want moooooooore..." she sort of moans. we can only be so much to people and sometimes we are certainly not what they want us to be, what role we need to fulfill, etc. but you can't bend who you are to please people, because you won't survive. believe me, I know. 

hence, this song, which I'm half-tempted to have a weird Harold and Maude-esque picnic to someday.

question:  Does time heal all wounds or do we just forget about them and block it out?