Places That SJP Was Not This Weekend

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Sears. Anywhere. Sarah Jessica Parker was not near a Sears. 

This is because SJP is well aware the early 1900s are long over and one no longer goes to Sears to make a day. Thus, she probably spent the weekend at PRADA and GUCCI and BLOOMINGDALES and TARGET. maybe she bought scarves; maybe she bought perfume.

She most definitely did not buy kneesocks.

SJP was spotted this month wearing what appeared to be, to some knowledgeable outsiders, a discarded satellite dish. Word is that it may have belonged to Ashton Kutcher in his pre-divorce days. TEAM DEMI FTW


  1. haha Ashton is getting divorced.
    For years I disliked him for no particular reason. He's on that one list I got in my back pocket.

    ps nice hat

  2. yeah, Ashton is a piece of work. TWO AND A HALF MEN WHAT THE HELL IS THAT


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