observations this thanksgiving morn

- what's up with the parade being shit now? WHEN did floats come second to Glee? NO! NO!

- where did half of those people come from, anyway?

- why is Revenge still on TV?

- why is "Moves Like Jagger" so popular? oh Adam Levine how I despise you.

- why are turkeys so expensive now? WTF

- what's with everyone going apeshit over Black Friday more than usual? does anyone actually go out tomorrow? I SURE DON'T. Cyber Monday FTW.

- what I am thankful for in 2011:  for all of you <3

and that I am not Christina Aguilera. :/

p.s. and OH LAND


  1. Prices of turkey?
    well, I wanted to know happens to sick turkeys that meet the health standards for sales...please do not say execution :(

    I am thankful for free coffee and .........I can't think of anything else. my bad.


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