"Lay Your Head Down"- Keren Ann

Today required a lot of thought. I finally came to a decision, though, falling back on the song I've had stuck in my head for the past... month. And with good reason, as you should PLEASE listen, the French do it all better:

I honestly feel this is one of the most beautiful love songs of the past 15 years. It's just very genuine and heartfelt, which are qualities I feel can be lost in most love songs anymore, under some gloss of fake sentiment. I mean- isn't that what love should be, laying your head down?

I met Keren Ann last summer. I think she may have been high but either/or it was one apathetic transaction! 

It seems like every story told about us isn't meant to be
You fly on wings of gold all the way back home to me

But what I'm thinking of just this time
Why don't you lay your head down in my arms, in my arms
Lay your head down in my arms, in my arms

You know my love this is no dream of mine
But the way you ride those waves makes me want to follow you blind.

February 1st! She comes back to NYC!