Indian Pick Up Lines

It’s been way too long since I’ve written pick up material.
I mentioned India in the last post, and more importantly, there is a hot Indian woman that works near me, so I spent the entirety of the last 34 minutes composing a plan of action.

Start Slow and Ease Into It (That's what she said).

Allow me to introduce you to........

Operation Khyber Pass:

Day 1
So how do you feel about conflict in Kashmir?

Day 2
I called Mumbai today while I was ordering a new MATTRESS. I spoke in Hindi ;)

Day 3
Do you like Tandoori Chicken, or do you need some more Spice on your Meat?

Day 4
With me, you'll feel like the Ganges. Wet, Dirty, and Constantly in Motion.

Day 5
I swear, you make me perk up like Mt. Everest.

Day 6
Look at it this way, I’m probably the only one of your suitors that doesn’t live in a log hut.

Day 7
You know Ghandi was a man of Peace. Well, I'm a man of "Getting Rough!"

Does anyone else miss “Outsourced?”