Celebrating Miley's Birthday in Alaska

Hey Girl,

Guess what? It was just Miley's Birthday (Nov. 23rd), and I got to join up with all the little girls of Alaska and introduce them to acid, and we had a giant pizza party. Miley Cyrus now turns 19, and is in her last year of teenage bliss.

Whatever will she do afterwards?
Maybe, she'll record a song such as "Not a girl, not yet a woman" like Britney Spears.

It's really interesting how this holiday takes me all over the globe. Two years ago, I was in Canada where we celebrated with some of Miley's favorite "Chinese Food" and "Cake Batter from Coldstone Creamery."

Last year, I had chance to celebrate Miley's birthday in North Africa where we slaughtered a lamb for her. It happened to coincide with another holiday, so it was the best we could do.

This year, I am in Alaska for Miley's Birthday, and yes, you can buy Alaskan Pizzas with Reindeer Sausage, and as zooilogically sexy as that sounds, I know Miley would be offended because she likes horses, and horses and reindeer are both part of the American heart.

This holiday has probably been the most exciting one for me in terms of surprises. It also has reminded me that perhaps I shouldn't be celebrating this one, for now it is just bizarre. Next year, I might just send her a tweet, and that's it.

Tomorrow might be Thanksgiving, but who really cares about that?
Happy 19th Miley.


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