Celeb Stuff : Take One

As promised, a new page has premiered on The UC.

Celeb Stuff is exactly what it's going to sound like.

Click for a read to see my first attempts at starting the "Kourtney Kardashian Diet."

This should be fun.

Have you ever tried a celeb diet?

Please say yes, and please say it was Taylor Lautner's.


  1. I wish I'd been on one. someday, someday.

  2. well yes, last year I did 10 days of that cayenne pepper/maple syrup/lemon madness, what celebrity did it? I can't remember. it was terrible but also awesome, I'm not sure you want to know the details...

  3. wow, i can't remember which celeb either.

    but it sounds kinda sexy, kinda painful.
    (often the same thing).


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