tomorrow! at my apartment!

you know like Daft Punk playing at my house, so says James Murphy? Well this is close, there is an acoustic benefit concert going down in my apartment tomorrow!:

from Sarah Factor, the singer/songwriter in question, verbatim via facebook (and please check out the fundraising link!):

As you may or may not know I am currently running a fundraiser on Indie Go Go
I thought I would hold a show as an extra effort to raise money!

Having said that, you are not obligated to pay if you want to come (no no!), everyone is welcome! There will be a donation jar by the door and if you feel so inclined, feel free to drop some dollars in it! It is going directly to my tuition so yay!

This will also be my very first show in Brooklyn (granted, it's my own show...) but this is still very exciting so come and eat some goodies and share the love!