Sight Night

There is a brand new "Be Useful" up on the pages, so I'll just send this one out into the open.

As the end of October approaches, on All Hallow's Eve we will also encounter "Sight Night." This is a function that is conducted by the "One Sight" program, an affiliate of Luxottica.

What is Sight Night?

From the One Sight webpage:

Each year on Halloween, we encourage ghosts and goblins of all ages to trick-or-treat for gently used prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses. Glasses collected during Sight Night are recycled and hand-delivered to adults and children in need in developing countries during OneSight Global Clinics.

The website also provides information on spreading the word with promotional materials, and there are also decorations for creating a "Sight Night" Donation Box to collect gently used prescription glasses or nonprescription sunglasses.


One Sight is a very expansive foundation, and their work even leads to help those in every corner of the world from Tunisia to El Salvador to Benin.

Sight Night....Like a Boss.


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