Halloween Wars Aint Got Nothin' On This

I don't know why I wrote that as the title, but I recently watched my first episode of Halloween Wars on Food Network. Allow me to put up some of my junk (food).

1. You can't touch this.

I love Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Decorations, so I was pretty giddy.
It wasn't a bad show. However, it had about as much excitement as "Cupcake Wars," and there was not an overwhelming sense of personality in the contestants. Once I saw the low bar they set. I was determined to dominate anything they could possibly create with a homemade cookie kit from Wal-Mart.

2. Beat This!

3. Giggles

By the way, please watch a repeat of "Iron Chef: Halloween Candy." Now that is more exciting than a barrel full of sweets.

Do you ever show people your goodies?