Dear Dearest: Jamie Lee Curtis (But Only from 1978)

Dear Dearest Jamie Lee Curtis But Only from 1978,

So do you ever wonder if you could travel back in time?
Well, I sure do because I was rather intrigued with your performance in Halloween from 1978. WINK!

I know that you pretended to play a very timid, naive, and confused girl in the film where your Uncle Michael runs around and chops people up like they are calamari, fresh tuna, or salmon. However, I sensed something different about your performance.

I was pretty sure you were into a guy like me.
I do not have a real solid reason, but I will say that I'm glad you like Halloween candy because I'm as sweet as a gobstopper.

If you come by my house some time, we can do trick or treat, and I hope you pick the treat option because the trick would ultimately lead to some sort of felony.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed that one film you were in as well....oh yes...Halloween: Resurrection...with Busta Rhymes WINK!

Yours Truly,

Busta Rhymes


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