Dear Dearest: Erin Burnett

Dear Dearest Erin Burnett,

Hey, I saw you had a new show “Out Front” premiere on CNN this week. I also noticed that you bounce and giggle a lot when you talk. That got me rather excited…you spunky little devil.

I will say, you sure have a bubbly personality. You also looked pretty good on the cover of Maxim. I am not sure if that was really you. Keep in mind Noam Chomsky was once in Hustler.

The reason I am writing to you is…well, on a note of honesty….your personality comes across as goofy. But that isn’t a bad thing. I am pretty goofy too. By train of thought, the two of us should have sex.

Since your show is called “Out Front,” you and I can do a spoof of it called “In the Back.”

Are my hints obvious enough?


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