Guess What?!?: I'm Going to be a Father

I am very open about my interests in having children, and I frequently tell people that I want kids. Well guess what? It's all going to come true.
I logged onto my Interpals account today, and I discovered this.

Hello i,m by names of bwambale William from Uganda i live with my mother .my father died in 2003 .i,m sill a student in O LEVEL (S 1 CLASS)i have passed through many schools till i,m .so this is William trying to ask you ,requesting you to allow me be your friend or since i respect old people like you According to way i was told that and person above your aged they really act as you parents or fathers so this means that i can call you as my father due to the above reason .i,m soon to be 17 years .
Hope to hear from you .yours
William .
thanks .

First Contact. I have never written to this person before in any way, but I am pretty sure I know his older sister. BANK!

Ah Uganda: The Whorehouse of Planet Earth.

Should I accept?


  1. Pro: no diapers, bottles, or vomit Con: just in time to foot the bill for university

  2. Hmm, fair points.
    The thing I'm also wondering about is, I'm 23, and he's 17. Might be kinda weird...

  3. congratulations my dear friend, congratulations.


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