Free Advertising: Obama's Change

Hello and Welcome to another edition of Alaskan Nader Free Advertising here at the Useless Critic.

Topic of the Day:
The next presidential election is right around the corner, and there is nothing more important than concrete political humor.

If you love Barack Obama, can sell you one of his $3 Bills (seen above). Yes indeed, have a good hearty laugh at our president. $3 Bills. Limp Bizkit would be proud.

If you hate Barack Obama, can sell you the 3 cent bill. After all it is not even worth a buck! It’s kind of like a three dollar bill, except with 1/100 of the value. Because as we all know, Obama has done 1/100 of the job.

This is as close as Obama will ever get to change.

More importantly,
There is plenty of merchandise on Hilary Clinton

So go visit where you can purchase all the material seen here in pads of 25!

And if you want to call Mumbai, India to place your order 1-800-669-8444

QATFYG: In four years, are they going to have to make these things for Mitt Romney?

That's all for this edition of Free Advertising at the Useless Critic, and we'll see you next time.