Catching Up With Facebook Page of The Day

First things first- while I have this sudden rush of energy:
- Peripheral Surveys is seeking submissions on the theme of "Chaos." I'm the fiction editor, so please! by October 10th plz., you know you know.

(I still remember when I was setting up that was right after my 21st birthday, I was depressed and of minimal life-force, Cara talked me through it because she's a SLUT. ahem. no, I didn't write 1/3rd of this just wearing a towel!) 

also, Peripheral Surveys is badly in need of a web editor a la "Officially looking for a website/html editor who are well-versed in FB and Tweeter integration for PS+."

pages for you to fan as a result:

Peripheral Surveys
Ian L. Surraville - one very talented writer/designer SEE ABOVE

and also, fan Chelsea Clinton please and don't ask questions. thanks.