Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics

I pulled through. You were probably doubting me, and that is OKAY and perfectly understandable. I deserve to be doubted. Oh, irony.


Today let's go back. FAR. like beginning of time far, like Planet of the Apes I Hate You So Much James Franco far. See:  THEIR FIRST ALBUM. Controversial, because like I said before, it kind of sucks. :/ it happens. 

The song "Trapped In a Box" from this album is a rare gem. Let me go wikipedia the album listing. Yeah this and "Move On." DUMP THE REST OF IT IT'S SHIT


Tom Dumont wrote this song, in a rare show of words. That's right, Mr. Tom Dumont, the sulky metal-loving guitarist of the band, born on January 11th, the same day as one of my uncles! small world I guess.

he looks rather happy and peaceful there. that's how I'd like to think of Mr. Dumont. 

well, this song was written as a commentary on the role of television in people's lifestyles. I don't have a TV right now that works and I might have one soon, but either way I'm not overly bothered. I mean GOD I miss my morning shows LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA and Diane Sawyer smiling me when I've had a day that's beat the crap out of me, but otherwise it's something I can live without. and really, I don't know if it's so much an issue these days. Maybe we should replace the TV with the computer? I mean, short of being addicted to reality TV (coughCARAcough) I don't know anyone who gives three shits about most of TV. 

now let's look at those lyrics:

I know of others with a box as their home 
Light only enters from a crack or a hole 
Oh this is not enough for a human to grow 
Trapped in a box 
Ooh trapped in a box 
Watch the world as it flocks 
To life's paradox 
And we're all trapped in a box 

Always wanting a different view 
Instant gratification for you 
Reality gone with a single click 
Just hope that that switch won't stick 

Ah trapped in a box my life becomes void 
And all of the thought for myself's now destroyed 
Controlling my mind, what to eat, what to buy 
Subliminal rules: how to live, how to die 
Trapped in a box 

I think this is arguably the No Doubt song with the most depth. it's very multi-faceted and provocative. I mean I am not claiming this is like Sartre, but it's surprisingly introverted and skeptical for an otherwise bouncy band! It reads like a ska-influenced thesis. Too bad there aren't more of them; the world NEEDS them. Pay heed, grad school friends. 

So essentially, we should not let our TV control us. Or our phone. Or our computer. Or our Twitter account. ... (that was directed at me) or, society, as a whole. It's good advice. Almost Thoreau-esque, no?

fact:  I hate him. 

contemplate, bitches.

I'm doing this twice this week. Twice, just for all you haters out there. 


in an interesting tidbit, No Doubt has played consecutively for the past three times on my ipod while writing this. 


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