Sweden: as I remember it. (or don't)

Pretty sure that I can't recall half of this trip because my body doesn't know what to make of European alcohol. it's like oh, THIS IS NOT MILLER LITE? let's black out. then I wake up with some Belgian girl's bra and panties set. which isn't as spectacular or scandalous as it would sound:  I simply grabbed them in a drunken stupor. I gained a reputation at that ACCO hostel....

so let me put myself in the mindset of a year ago as Hurricane Irene embraces my adopted city.

Step 1:  get to Baltimore, because Al wanted to fly out of Baltimore

In Al's defense, the Baltimore airport is one of the best major airports in America to fly out from. it's very affordable. My sister flies from there all the time. The thing about the Baltimore airport is that it is BORING and all the way in Baltimore. Thus, on September 9th, I began my voyage from Erie, PA to the home of both Beach House and The Wire. 

So how to get there? Greyhound was expensive as all shit (becauseitisshit) and Amtrak doesn't go Erie to Pittsburgh LIKE IT SHOULD. I mean seriously, a high speed rail from Erie to Pittsburgh would be AWESOME. no one would EVER have to live in ERIE and that is a GOOD thing.

however, it so happened my friend Alex was willing to give me a ride from Edinboro to Pittsburgh, where I would then catch the megabus. I barely hung out with Alex in person while we went to school together, so that factor just somewhat weird. As he helpfully pointed out on our journey to Pittsburgh, where I would then be bussed to Philly (the ticket was extremely cheap, and you have to go to Philly to go to Baltimore, or at least you had to then) overnight, he could have raped and killed me and I would have been none the wiser. meh!

So Alex took me to Pitt, and from Pitt I was on the bus to Philly. my first megabus ride was magical until someone got mugged at the Harrisburg stop. :(

I arrived in Philly around 1 am. And because I had a long layover until the morning busride to Baltimore, I reached out on COUCHSURFING.

*dramatic music*

this post has been disrupted due to the arrival of Hurricane Irene. STAY TUNED.