Spotlight/Shoutout: Sarah Brightman

Hello and BonFuckingJour Wednesday!
So my system has been destroyed last night because there was a sale on donuts, so there is more sugar in my blood than blood itself. That’s kind of weird come to think.

The surprise s/s champion of sensationalistic stardom is none other than Sarah Brightman. She’s conquered many dimensions of the acting world, but for me the number one role that surpasses the others is her performance as “Christine Daae” in “The Phantom of the Opera.” She performed alongside the great Michael Crawford and even with one of my personal heroes, Davis Gaines.
But I have selected this clip, and now youtube sensation, of her singing alongside Mr. Antonio Banderas.

Sarah has conquered many more elements of the performing arts. Watch in this video as she takes a folky song and uses it to make “Simon and Garfunkel” look like raw pussies by comparison.

Now watch her just shine in this…

You know for years I rejected Sarah Brightman’s work because she had the same facial structure as someone that I hated…Then, I realized that is a lousy reason to hate someone, and here we are today.

Who was the best at making Simon and Garfunkel look like raw pussies?




    also, I fucking love Sarah Brightman, and have done since I was maybe seven or eight years old and my parents played Phantom of the Opera on the stereo while we cleaned on Saturday mornings. sigh.

    I honestly don't think I would be remiss in saying that Antonio Banderas has no fucking business being in the same room as Sarah Brightman, let alone the same fucking stage.

    p.s. I used to wonder what it would be like to be married to Andrew Lloyd Webber.


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