Spotlight/Shoutout: Marilyn Monroe

Hello and Bonjour to Spotlight/Shoutout for Decade Week.
This one felt a no-brainer for me because if I had to pick one actor/actress from cinema that best represents the timeless respect of all the decades....I'd have to pick Marilyn Monroe.

Some people just know how to win 'em.

It's also interesting that she might be equally well-known for singing this song.

Monica your heart out.

Which president would you sing "Happy Birthday" to?

Other than Franklin Pierce (my obvious), I would have to pick "William Henry Harrison." I would not get many chances for that though. Sad Face.

Did some band name themselves after Marilyn Monroe's "The Misfits?" Some kind of punk band maybe?


  1. The Misfits is one of my favorite movies. I need to read her journals at some point.


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