Spotlight/Shoutout: Brad Garrett and Ray Romano in the Afterlife

Are Brad Garrett and Ray Romano still around?

I am not sure if they are...I live under a rock, but I feel that it is safe to assume that they are not.

I am posting this because I feel that this is another issue for the brainstorming team.

Do you have any vision to create a new world for the careers of Brad Garrett and Ray Romano?

What is a new sitcom plot that either one of them could work with?


1. Hannah Montana even made fun of Ray Romano's slumping career, and Ray Romano guest-starred in that episode because he was desperate for work.

2. Did you know people write "Til Death" Fan Fiction? It's at
I think that is the right url.


  1. I want to start writing Party Down fanfiction. don't hate.

  2. Ray Romano was in the latest season finale of The Office as a guy looking for a job.

    Isn't he doing proper drama now?


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