Rick Astley Analysis

Look around you!
Is there a bigger fan
of Rick Astley
than me in your room right now?
No, there is not.
That would be impossible.
Here is some bizarre evidence.

Absurd Findings

Rick Astley is most well-known of course for his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” and RickRollin’ People, and drinking like Monstro the Whale.

But what about his other songs?
He must have some.

Together Forever

This song has an okay melody, and I strongly enforce the meaning of “okay” not to misinterpret it as good. The chorus has an impact that could be stronger, but it seems like a song that you would become addicted to after 1,000 plays. Although, it has moments that sound like commercial jingles.


To be honest this song had a surprising intro. It almost reminded me of that song from “Dirty Vegas.” The lyrics are not anything worth mentioning, so I will not say anything more. I wouldn’t immediately turn it off, but it doesn’t sell me enough on the powerful qualities of Rick Astley’s voice.

Other than “Never Gonna’ Give You Up” I just have so many mixed feelings when Rick Astley begins songs. This song almost has “date-rape” lyrics though, and if anyone thinks I’m not creepy enough, I’m going to sing this song to them outside their window with a crate-paper heart. In other words, it is too uncomfortable for its own good.

Well, I guess I didn’t get as far as I wanted in this analytical journey. I am guessing though, that no one is crushed.

If you were a one hit wonder, what would your song be titled?
Mine would be “Smooth and Rich”
I’m not Rico Suave Bitch
I’m the real Smooth and Rich


  1. Oh Al this was a much better post than you gave yourself credit for. and also what is he up to these days?


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