So, my girlfriend of all people directed me to this site called Qeep.


My advice is only sign up if you're either male, or hate life. Both, if you can. I am, of course, a female, and for the sake of not confusing the boys on there too much, called myself Hayley on it. I did have a profile where I lied and said I was a guy, and I kept my name as Ryan, but no one wanted to talk to me, especially not the more colourful people on qeep.

It describes itself as a mobile social network, cheaper than an SMS message, because it's all done through internet date transfer, which is a pretty neat idea.

I think, on a whole, the site could have been something great, something that really could have given Facebook a run for it's money. Not anymore though. What with all phones being developed on an awesome level of somewhere from 0 to iPhone in a matter of months they can all access the internet and probably have an app or a program or whatever the particular phone wants to call it that gives it access to Facebook anyway, but hey, I'm sharing, and I haven't posted in a while.

There are two main points to this post though. The first has been done. I've shared. I've made this raptor that is definitely here between us, dear reader. I'm now going to ask you a question that has been keeping me awake at night.

Why aren't there more lesbians in the world?

Since creating my female profile on Qeep, I've had seven times the amount of friends request. There are some boys attempting to be quite sweet about themselves, and claim they want to get to know me, "gorjus/gorgus gorj." The other guys on there aren't like that. I've been propositioned for sex, with no prior messages, no less than 4 times. There's this one guy called Dan. He's one of the nicer ones who's currently just trying to get to know me, but I don't think he'd like who I really am (a boy) and so I haven't told him much. Poor Dan.

But yes! Sign up to Qeep and bait boys! It's some of the most fun I've had in a while. (I know two other people who are boy baiting on there, my girlfriend, and her friend Pete. I hope my girlfriend is boybaiting anyway. If not, we'll be having strong words.)


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