Online Dating for Winners like Me.

So, to say I'm a winner is a bit arrogant for me. I mean, especially for something like this. I met my girlfriend online. I've only been dating Gemma for for a couple months, but things are going really well, so I feel like a winner, so I'm going to let it count.

It's not always been like this for me though. I've been utilising the internet for the whole dating thing since I was about 16. I can explain my experiences of internet dating through one girl, though I dare say I'll mention others after, just because I enjoy typing, and I understand your need to read more of the words I type.

My whole attitude to relationships at the time was that I wanted one. Badly. The sad thing is, at 16, I quite frankly wasn't mature enough for one. All the relationships up to Gemma were all about sex. We might have met for different reasons, but that was the main gist of the relationship.

I met Kelly through a forum about football. We got talking about the team we supported, Sheffield
Wednesday. It's not a very good football team, but it's our home team, and we had that as a common interest. We wound up meeting up. At her house, no less. I cannot say how bad meeting someone at their house is as first "dates" go. Things with Kelly lasted 10 days. It turned out that Sheffield Wednesday was the only thing we had in common. I didn't even particularly like her. But hey, I was young and I got laid.

Not one to be put off by a bad experience, I continued to meet girls online, sometimes in a way that can only be described as actively. I joined a site called Plenty of Fish, which ended with no love for Ryan. I met a couple, but they didn't lead to anything. There was also a website called Teenspot, which is pretty much Facebook for perverts, and it has a chatroom that I met a couple girls from. Again, no major luck, apart from this one girl called Bryony.

Bryony and me was a strange one. It went on for several years, but there was a considerable bit of distance between us, which made things awkward, and she was a paranoid sort. If I mentioned I'd met with friends, she'd assume I'd been sleeping with them, or if I was able to convince her I hadn't slept with them, that I wanted to. I eventually managed to get away from her, because it would have ended in tears for me, and I don't like crying.

Finally, I joined a site called Interpals, where I met two girls. One was Brit, who started me writing on here, the other was Gemma, who I'm dating.

In conclusion, I think the internet is a great tool for dating. It allows those lacking confidence to do it, though I think "dating" someone in a different country to you is rediculous, because let's face it. It's not gonna happen.


  1. I will start tagging posts just for you. I assumed I just fell unconcious after posting and tagged them in my sleep for some reason. The person that did it for me before seemed to be having so much fun doing it for me.



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