Interview with the Master of Telemarketer Torture

Happy Fu*kin’ Sunday.
Are you one of those people that spends hours just searching for comedic youtube videos? Well, if you like, I can tell you about some uploads that are seriously* worth hearing. My name is Nader Boulberhane, and I got to sit down (via interwebs) with Anthony, the man with the big voice from that has put out some of the most hilarious forms of internet comedy that I’ve heard in a long long time.

NB: Okay, so I’ve been following you pretty closely, but for someone who isn’t familiar with your website or youtube videos, what are you all about? However, I confess gives a lot away ;) Also, how many websites do you admin?

Anthony: What I am all about, hmm. Just a guy who likes to have some fun while making others laugh at the same time. “I’m just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose" which means sometimes I can be pretty out there. Prank calls and making internet scammers my "puppets" is what I do with a lot of my online time.

1b) I own several websites, butas far as the comical ones are concerned, I own pranks shows in costume, (about 100,000 of us playing with internet scammers, (just a spoofwebsite).

NB: Please visit, why? Because it is endless rounds of criminals being owned.

NB: Next up, In your videos/calls, you use many different voices/personalities…tell us about them and how you created some of your characters?

Anthony: My voices are not impersonations of famous people, just impersonations of day to day people. I created them and have developed them over the years. Originally I used them on The Scam Baiter website, but over time I started doing prank calls with them.

Butch Driveshaft (in your face kinda guy),
Wilson Tarbuckles (foreigner who gets nowhere in conversations),
Randall Stevens (biggest homosexual on the planet)
TheIowa contact (self proclaimed genius who puts people under "internet arrest"),
Jamal Jackson (big black guy that loves white girls and basketball),
The Skan (morbidly obese man who farts on the phone a lot), and many more.

NB: A lot of people find your videos hilarious and well-made, how do you create comedy? Are you a natural or is there a regiment you follow?

Anthony: You know, I just go with the flow. I do not have a theme (except for the fake game show prank calls) nor do I have lines I always include, its just natural. Personally I do not find myself funny, and I do not listen to my calls after I put them on youtube.

NB: So you are now running your own website, are you selling any merchandise?

Anthony: No, I do not sell any merchandise. I pretty much do it to entertain myself and others. It’s nice to see 300 to 500 people enjoying my silly calls when I go live, and that’s all I need.

NB: What are your ambitions with this project? I don’t really mean like goals, but what is the “skies the limit” dream you have with entertainment and comedy?

Anthony: I do not have any goals at all with this, like I said I only do it for my own enjoyment and others. I guess having more people watch me when I go live is a great goal, but I am not looking for fame or fortune, not that it’s going to happen anyway :D

NB: What is your favorite book?

Anthony: Favorite book? LOL @reading! I'm a visual kinda guy :)

NB: It’s cool. You know the “Book Mobile” is just a variation of the “Short Bus.”

NB: Favorite Movie?

Anthony: American Beauty. I think I'll watch it again after this eInterview!

NB: Hell yes, Thora Birch…Baby got Rack! Nah, but seriously that is one of my favorite movies as well. It’s some good stuff.

NB: Favorite Celebrity?

Anthony: Nicholas Cage

NB: Righteous…although, I never saw "The Wicker Man." I think that was him.

NB: Favorite Song?

Anthony: For some reason I'm hooked on an old school Glam Rock song from Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad. I can't get the f*cking thing out of my head. Favorite band of all time is Iron Maiden.

NB: Do you watch Porn?

Anthony: Do I watch porn? Allow me to explain. Many years ago something semi wonderful happened with my mother and father. They were the proud parents of a child with a medium to average sized penis. Now, knowing I have a penis, do I really have to answer the question "do you watch porn??”

NB: Heh and on that note, who is your favorite “adult” film actress? I am assuming you don’t have a favorite child porn actress…..let’s make that a safe assumption.

Anthony: I do not have a favorite porn actress, but as gay as this sounds, (I am not gay even though my Randal Stevens character is spot on) my favorite porn star is Peter North. If you do not know who he is, I suggest you put on your best pair of water goggles and search for him on your favorite adult website.

NB: Yes, I know Peter North. I used to watch his “clip reels” back when I hung out with Bill O'Reilly.

NB: Lastly, just thanks for taking time for

Anthony: If you are more intelligent then I am, or know someone who is, can you or them please fix my spelling and grammatical errors? Thanks!

NB: Earlier in the interview, I referred to a book mobile as a short bus. I am the wrong place for intelligence, but I will do my best.

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