Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics

Did you think I forgot? Seriously? I was just tired yesterday! Onwards, Christian soldiers!

Today, I decided to throw you a curveball. Bitches. I mean, it's been on my mind all week, naturally. What else am I going to think about? So:  here, we have a b-side.

this is called "Everything In Time," but the Los Angeles version. As it exists, there are two. London, I think it's commonly agreed, the sister song, is the lesser of the two. It's too cute, too aware of it's charm. There is something gritty and organic about the LA version, but isn't that LA for you?


here we go:

She asked how we are
She asked If I was all weird again
And of course I am
But I'm trying really hard
So I lied to her
And I was wearing this prisoner face
So deep inside she had to know
Once again I've lost control

For everything, there is a reason
Everything, I hope in time, will come

Lying in your bed
I am a refugee you try to love
But the love that he killed
Keeps coming back and haunting me
Am I wasting all of your time
And all my cute days on regrets?
Is it healthy that we met?

Everything always in time will show
Then we will know it will show
Everything always in time will come

Is it wrong holding in on too much?
To my best friend, my faded lover?
Who knows?

Cinderella Hope
And it's all because he made me laugh
Coincidence or fate
Running towards a catastrophe
Save me

Isn't this glaringly obvious? Another omission from the Return of Saturn recording, this song finds Gwen waxing on her relationship with Gavin, who at the time she was trying (painfully) to get to commit to marriage. I mean they dated an awful long time before saying "I do." An awful long time! She seems to be having her "doubts" (HA) about the Bush frontman, and SEEMS to be under pressure from friends (see beginning) about her stance, relationship-wise. To those bitches, I tell Gwen fuck 'em. Do what makes you happy. Well, this song is more than ten years old now, so that advice is outdated. Yet a ring of truth is there. 

We all know they got married, had adorable kids and lived happily ever after. Is it because he made her laugh? You decide. Lyrically I think this is Gwen nearly at her best. "Everything, I hope, in time will come." Sit back and enjoy the ride, I guess.