Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics

It's my time, bitches! MY TIME! 

There is only ONE No Doubt album I have not touched on, my beautiful friends, my sweet readers. And that is their second album, the Beacon Street Collection. Lo and behold, I present to you one track off this album, which was a lot stronger then their self-titled introductory effort:  "Squeal." (trust me, I'm not alone on that sentiment. I spent enough time at the No Doubt fan forum way back when to know it was common knowledge! Noobs).

I maintain the attitude that is an unfortunate album cover.

Here it is back on their 2009 tour (they often whipped out a classic track to spice things up, on my VISITATION it was seeing them do a cover of Sublime's "DJs"):

the lyrics: 

I thought we had agreed 
That we were in this together
But now that you have betrayed me
I got no other option

Why can't you keep a secret
Why'd you squeal
I thought that it was private
It's a tea party and you're all invited
To kill the narc who wrote it and said it

You can always smell a stinkin' tattletale
Come out of a shell I think so they can break the link
When everyone knows it squeals and that is just as well
A kiss of death goes out to those who rat and fink
Why'd you squeal

meaning:  - this is obviously about someone betraying a secret
- it's always felt very 1930s to me! 
- maybe it's related to Alice in Wonderland, too. Though not in a Tom Petty-esque way. but "tea party" is namedropped and this is in the early 90s, after all, when the movement wasn't a thing. or maybe No Doubt are indeed PROPHETS from another dimension. did you EVER think about that?

No because all you think about is porn, obviously. 

The Beacon Street Collection got its name from the street in Orange County where, I believed, the Stefanis lived. It has nothing to do with the much more famous street in Boston where my great grandmother Mary Agnes Conlon lived briefly. holla. 

For me, this album will always, ALWAYS remind me of the 2002 trip I took to Toronto. It was my first trip without my parents and with a group of "smart" schoolkids. We wanted to go to New York, but this was right after 9/11 and we were convinced we would be the victims of a terrorist attack. I listened to this CD all the way to and fro. The heartbreaking thing? No Doubt had JUST played in Toronto before I arrived. I mean like, I saw their tourbus. and I was awestruck. 

We had this literary magazine through Scholastic that may or may not still be around called Scope. It was not as good as my first literary magazine love, the Weekly Reader. We got Scope in middle school at J.S. Wilson (back when it was falling apart) and it was honestly lame, BUT one issue had Gwen on the cover. I TOOK EVERY ISSUE OF IT FROM MY ENGLISH TEACHER'S CLASS AND THAT'S RIGHT I STILL HAVE THEM.

I never let my mom through out my No Doubt binder. God bless you and good night. 

question:  what will No Doubt's new album sound like? Christmas? Losing your virginity? Eating Thai food? Mounting Angelina Jolie in public?


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