Spotlight/Shoutout: Pippa Middleton

I know I said, Spotlight was not going to happen this week, but I am a liar.
After all according to most people, I am already damned, so why worry about sin?

Speaking of Sin, I have already written two previous posts about how Pippa Middleton junks up my life and more importantly my trending topics, and then, I discover this.

Today I find her at number one once again, and I can give her one of the least deserved spotlights in s/s history. But now that Pippa Middleton is going to be in a docu/film...I have reason to give her a spotlight. (I'm such a bandwagon bitch.)

Pippa Middleton is going to be the subject of a new documentary on TLC airing in August of this year.

Read this excerpt from the trending article:
Pippa Middleton is no stranger to attention. Just earlier this month the 27-year-old - more specifically, her choice of clothing – turned heads at Wimbledon, temporarily stealing the spotlight of the famous tennis tournament.

All she did was go to Wimbledon and watch as a spectator, and they are going to make a movie about her?
All she did was sit in the crowd and wear sunglasses, and people are making a movie about her? Damn the MACHINE!

Back on the radar once again, Pippa is now slated to appear in a TLC one-hour in depth documentary about her life.
TLC’s Crazy About Pippa is scheduled to hit TV’s across the nation on Tuesday, August 9th at 9pm ET.


Who is more annoying Pippa Middleton? Or Me?
It's me of course.
I admit defeat too easily.


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