songs that mean a lot to me!

I are hardcore blogger. I bleed blogspot.

anyway, a lot of 2011 has spent on buses (buses are such a metaphor for my life) listening to this song. Sometimes I hear a song and I'm like shit! shit! shit! this gets me. even though that sounds really pretentious, but you read the lyrics to some songs and all of a sudden your heart snaps! because you see yourself in it.

here, my anthem, by Oh Land: 

now onto something more positive!

Washed Out were (was?) introduced to me in 2010 on that chillwave.....wave? Apparently chillwave is here to stay, if Brooklyn free magazines are to believed. I am okay with that! 

I've been lukewarm on him (them?) since, but this song is pure love. This song is falling asleep and feeling like not shit and avoiding panic attacks. This song is warmth:

enjoy your Sunday bbs. FEEL IT ALL AROUND