Music of North Korea

Guten Abend!
I don’t speak German, but I was just feeling that it’s been too long since I’ve done any writing on North Korea. The Last Time Yes! I am not a person that believes in guilty pleasures, but I find that North Korean Music is a rather surprising and enjoyable getaway. (Sad Irony of Existence)

I wish I felt the same way about the music of Somalia. Normally, I like music from horrible places.

If you want to go with a really traditional and folkloric sound, I recommend this piece. I guess it would be folkloric meets concert.

This piece really struck with me the operatic and orchestral touch. As I always emphasize, dramatic vocals are the factor that really captivate my intrigue.

One of my philosophies is that music always has to be fun. It has to catch emotion, but it also just has to have jovial qualities continuously running through. This is a Russian song performed by a North Korean singer, and she does rather well. Like I said, Jovial.

There are so many of these videos floating around, and they are awesome. In the last Korean Music PartyKMP=DPRK,I showed a North Korean guitar prodigy, and this is an ensemble.

I wish I could confirm 100% that all these musicians and music pieces (save Russia) are authentically North Korean. I have some doubts, but as far as I know, they are all North Korean.

So this morning, I caught a Google Banner Advertisement, which read “Travel to North Korea: Flights from $149.”

Firstly, WTF?

Anyone want to fly coach?


  1. North Korea has music. again, you have expanded my mind. I want to do LSD now and wear an uniform.

  2. I wonder if they have sunshine there.
    Or maybe it is all dark clouds and thunderclaps.

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