Internet's top web sites shameless hound users for 'home page' spot.

When it comes to the Internet, Facebook is Sodom and Google is Gomorrah.

Just several days ago, Facebook jumped on the hounding wagon with this awful graffiti. Guess what, Facebook? I'm already on you. You don't need to twist my arm to get me there.

If anything, I'm looking for ways to get away from you. If Google Plus becomes popular, I will excitedly refrain from signing up and gladly welcome the fewer and fewer Facebook updates that will surely follow, allowing me to get off of the grid once and for all.

Hey, Google, I've pressed "No" so many times, why even have a button? You're obviously not interest in my answer unless I say yes. On my MacBook, I get this message even though Google is, in fact, my homepage. And, no, I don't want to try Chrome either. Perhaps it'd be worth it if it had a feature that would disable these notices.

Now Google has a feature that notifies me that I have an e-mail forwarding filter that I set up to forward my e-mail. Thanks for letting me know. I would fill out a hundred Captchas to remove this.

It's beginning to look like the only way to avoid these notices is to have a browser that can handle loading Google, Facebook and the rest of the Internet titans instantaneously as my homepage.