"Horrible Bosses" or CARA IF SHE WAS A DENTIST

I have had a few bosses in my time that I could not stand. Granted, I don't think I ever wanted to kill She-Thing. Trip her yes, but my boss was never one of the following:

a.) a sex-crazed deviant
b.) a coke-addicted tool
c.) a pure evil psychopath

do you think if I had a boss along these lines I would have had a similar reaction to the three bromantic protagonists of Horrible Bosses? Possibly. 

It's not as funny as Bridesmaids, which is the movie which all future 2011 comedies will be judged by from here on out. But it's a lot better than Bad Teacher and ends up leaving the audience with a fascinating, somewhat complex plot. 

Yet the big key for this movie to succeed is the interaction and dialogue, back-and-forth between the three protagonists, a group of friends (who all loathe their superiors)- Jason Sudekis, Jason Bateman (HOLLA USELESS CRITIC FAVORITE) and Charlie Day, who I have just been introduced to and think is wonderful. Divine, really. Especially when he accidentally ingests a large portion of cocaine, begins doing push-ups and has the best Ting Tings singalong in history of Ting Tings singalongs. You get the feeling these three guys are really great friends in real life, because SO MUCH of the movie is just them talking shit over but it works. It really works.

Shout-outs to Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston for their roles, too. J. Aniston is probably the bitchiest/sluttiest I have ever seen her at and I fully approve. Every time she got on screen I was like HELL YEAH and normally I can't stand her. She makes Charlie Day so uncomfortable as his horny dentist and even tries to get him to mount her on top of the unconscious body of his fiance. PERFECTION. Cara, dentistry? You feel me? Kevin Spacey plays a brilliant cold-hearted psycho with not an ounce of good in his black, black heart. Seriously. But when doesn't Kevin play a psycho?  Also his wife is super-hot and boning the whole neighborhood. It happens.

Colin Farrell is presently trying to venture into "comeback" territory. Is it working? Fright Night is going to suck balls, let's be honest with each other. Here he shows how he has fallen from action hero to playing a comedic scuzzbag. But he does so well. Do you think he's douchy in real life? Probably.

The writing is fairly strong and Jamie Foxx has a good turn as an ex-con (FOR WHAT I AM NOT TELLING YOU IT'S JUST THAT GOOD) named "Motherfucker Jones." Jason Sudekis is impossible for me to differentiate from that other guy in the Hangover/the Office. There are slow moments and sometimes it seems to be trying too hard but it's really an entertaining experience. And you get sucked into the story easily, or Jennifer Aniston's stained panties, yadda yadda yadda.

rating:  B+

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