FACEBOOK PAGE, OF THE DAY. (Week 1, in time)

I decided, because sometimes it's damn tricky to make people LIKE your product (whatever it be) on Facebook- trust me, as someone that has done this and still has to do it- that each week I will start highlighting ONE Facebook page of interest and trying to market it to the world at large (or whoever reads the Useless Critic) so maybe the page will make 1 or 2 or 3 new fans. 

This week:  Local Band Hero.

why you should fan it!

  • because Phil, who nicely explained to you why the apocalypse was a no-show, runs it
  • because Facebook banned them for posting on the bands they promote pages
  • oh, what do they do? they promote local bands nationwide. that's pretty cool! a lot of bands/musician folk could benefit from that.....
  • and if you choose to use their services (metaphorically speaking YOU'RE IN A BAND YOU'RE IN A BAND) it's free because the website itself is run through sponsors and stuffffff.

the website, in actuality:  http://www.localbandhero.com/

so please fan it! and spread the word, etc!