The Best of Pink

It’s not that often that I listen to Pink. I understand that her music is pretty good. I mean, it has party flavor, and at this point in life almost anything with vivacity is important.

Is it possible to really pick the best song from Pink? I think a lot of people would probably pick “So What.” I mean, sure it is catchy, and it is even kind of addictive, but the lyrics just didn’t sell me.

For me, I always have to look to the “Missundazstood,” the origin of songs like “Get the Party Started,” “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” and “Just like a Pill.”

For me, there is absolutely no question that “Just like a Pill” is my favorite my Pink song. I don’t often use the term favorite, but I heard this one like 10 years ago, and it is still one of my favorite songs. It just has such great moments such as
“I’m trying to call the nurse again, but she’s being a little BITCH!”

Also, I get weak for the dramatic vocals. The first time I heard the chorus blast up, I had one of those moments where the whole room stops, and you have to hear each word. This is the one song from Pink that has always stuck with me.

But that’s just me I guess.

What is your favorite Pink song?
Did you know her live album went platinum in Australia 29 times?


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