3 Surprising Moments of Pop-Rock

Back in the seventh grade there was Napster, and I was addicted. Not many positives came out of that situation for me, but I did get the chance to learn some songs from bands that now seem really surprising.

1. Papa Roach – Shut Up N Die

This psychotic ballad really stood out to me because it bore the name Papa Roach, but it sounds like just a rap monologue of hatred. The name Papa Roach is almost always associated with high energy songs even going back to “Last Resort” and “She Loves Me Not.”

2. Creed—Illusion

By the time I had discovered Creed, they were only putting out singles like “With Arms Wide Open,” and the notoriously overplayed “Higher.” Creed went on to put out songs like “One Last Breath” and that one where Scott Stapp is on a boat…on a boat. I was surprised to hear this song because it is isn’t about being sappy like a Maple (in Canada), and it is about melancholy, which is much more important on certain days of the week, not to mention this is an example of Creed using distortion well….doesn’t happen often.

3. Alter Bridge – Metalingus

After mentioning Creed, Alter Bridge is an easy following point. I am surprised about this song because it is shocking that there is a song from Alter Bridge that I actually like……Twilight Zone moment.

What is one Pop Rock band that has “only one” song you like?


  1. ha, you should see all of my seventh grade song lists.

    baha men
    Limp Bizkit
    Too Much Rai

    This is the best I had. ;-)

  2. baha men....oh my goodness al. the memories you are bringing up for me.

  3. Pop rock? Oh that's easy. It'd be Night Ranger with their smash-hit "Sister Christian". No wait, "You Can Still Rock in America" was tits. This is a hard question...


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