The World's Best Punjabi Song

Bon Jeudi!
Or whatever that means,

This is it.

Like this is it.

Remember that rocket from Toy Story called “The Big One?” Well, that has nothing on the music of the Punjab.

Directly from Jasvir “Jasgill” Gill, who is the writer for the new blog “My Cyber Canvas!
Between her and me, we have decided, this is The World’s Best Punjabi Song.

The Punjab

I will say this singer really captures the strength of the South Asian vocal patterns. The song really holds true to expectations of vivacity. If you yearn for music with life in it, welcome home.

The photos in this video really remind me of that hottest women of Bollywood post I wrote once.

Who wants to throw more Punjabi songs at me to challenge this?

Seriously, check out...My Cyber Canvas