Tyr: Faroese Music and Metal

I love the Faroe Islands, and I love their music.
In 2008, I was absolutely obsessed with Faroese and the Faroe Islands. I was trying to do a conference paper on Faroese Feminism, but that didn’t really take off. GASP!

These are my favorite Islands specifically located between Scotland and Iceland, and once I discovered the metal of the Faroe Islands, life was flying rather high.

I came across the band TYR, and their name comes from the Norse god of war.
They do not like to classify their music in a genre, but I guess I did just call it metal.

What is the best part of the music from the Faroe Islands?

Since they are positioned between the British Isles and the Far West Corner of the Nordic World, their music has a strong mix of the two sounds and cultures crafted into one.

I picked this song from TYR because more so than anything else I heard from them, it really captured the blend of folklores in the music. You can hear the powerful notes of the Nordic heritage, and you can also hear the dance-worthy patterns of music reminiscent of Ireland.

Imagine the glam of North European Power Metal combined with the heart of a Scottish melody.

Some bands were formed just for Nader Bouberhan, and I’m cool with that.

Do you have a favorite group of Islands specifically located between Scotland and Iceland?

And also check out "Guitar Wall" for the Faroese Guitarist of the week.


  1. Dude, even if you did Faroese businessman of the week you'd run out in two months. Of what I've heard, How Far to Asgard as my favorite.

    My buddies and I were at trivia last week and one of the questions was about Amon Amarth.

  2. @AWM ;) , this is the "first" and "only" Faroese guitarist of the week.

    ;) I wish there were more vids out there.


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