'Tree of Life' review

It's basically a trippy powerpoint with a lot of drawn out God metaphors and imagery. Brad Pitt plays a classic non Brad Pitt like (DUH HE'S PERFECT IN REAL LIFE) asshole. Dinosaurs appear and so do strange marine creatures, I am not sure what you would call then? Gigantic manatees from the prehistoric ages?

Sean Penn is maybe in fifteen minutes of this film, which makes it EXTRA bearable. And when he does show up, all he does is think outloud. like long, pondering thoughts. Existential crisis, OH NO!

The plot of this film, thanks to Mr. Malick, has been under serious wraps. what I can tell you is there's really no plot. it's Terrence Malick, for the love of god. what did you expect? it's a vehicle for some spiritual message. which I thought was kind of cool and I actually sort of got! surprisingly! nay, SHOCKINGLY!

Jessica Chastain is the breakout star here. look for her in the future.