Today, in Gwen Stefani/No Doubt lyrics

It's a little late this week and for that I apologize:

Flirt with conception
Slow the cycle
Will the baby grow?
Social tradition interference
Control, control, control

Today is my birthday
And I get one every year
And some day...
Hard to believe
But I'll be buried six feet underground
I'll be dead and gone, no longer around

Spinning, spinning
Before I can recall
All the unknown chemicals
Control the cycle
The successive generations
From dust to dust
Burying my grandma
Then give birth to my own daughter...

what this song is trying to say:
- we all die
- death always gives way to creation (birth)

I know you didn't think No Doubt was that deep. TOO BAD, IT'S LIKE WHEN YOU LOOK INTO A PUDDLE AND THE PUDDLE LOOKS BACK TO YOU.

somewhere in California, Gwen is eating Cheeto's right now.