Spotlight/Shoutout: Marion Cotillard

Wednesday is the stage, and Planet Earth is the backdrop.

I will give you fair warning that today is only a tease for tomorrow.

Marion Cotillard is a mistress of forgotten magic. She is the first person in the last 200 years to completely seduce the male ideology with only her eyes.

Like the bittersweet rush of Cocoa Power spreading through your sinuses,or that moment at a the end of the dream, where you can't tell if you are still glued to your pillow or in the dust of stars.

Marion Cotillard has one of the most pure and sexual looks in all of present acting. She has sexuality and darkness, but only in the most sensual kinds.

Are you excited for tomorrow?


  1. women are so much better-looking then men. for reals. this is proof.


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